Build Guide

PC Build Guide

Under Construction

This is a guide for assembling your first PC not selecting the parts. This Guide will be broken down into several sections. Due to how extensive this project will be, each section will appear on a separate page. While this article is under construction, this first section here will be a page for coordinating this effort. After which it will become an overview of the proceeding pages.

This page may also include the Safety section with it. I would like to have a group of people helping to work on this project. If you would like to be a part of this project please feel free to jump in and add what you would like.

- Safety
- Motherboard Preparation
- Case Preparation
- Motherboard and Component Installation
- Drive Installation
- Wiring
- Power ON and POST

If you can think of a section that needs to be added please go ahead and add it. I want this to be a very comprehensive guide. It needs to be easy to understand so that anyone can look at it and build their own PC. It needs to be written so that those who just barely know how to turn a PC On and Off can understand it.