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K8L refers to AMD's next generation CPU. All information in this entry is based on speculation, industry rumors, and leaked roadmaps. So please treat this information accordingly.

Technical information

K8L is said to be based on AMD's upcoming 65nm process. There will be several versions of the new generation, including Quad Core, Dual Core, and Single Core. Clock speeds will range from 2.4Ghz to 2.9Ghz and L2 cache sizes will range from 512KB to 1MB. Some versions will sport a 2MB L3 cache in addition to the L2 cache. The new cores will incorporate the new HyperTransport 3.0 protocol (HT 3.0).

Release date

No official release date has been set, but AMD has said they expect to start shipping K8L based CPU's in mid 2007.

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